Client Services

TVL’s Client Service Department is staffed with knowledgeable and helpful people.

Our representatives are highly trained in laboratory procedures and can answer questions or concerns regarding test requirements, turnaround time, patient results, specimen collection and transport, add-on testing, and other miscellaneous inquiries through effective use of the laboratory information systems. They will channel calls to specific individuals for technical or interpretive information when appropriate.

Our goal is to answer 80 percent of all calls within 30 seconds or less. We’ve also empowered our staff to resolve most issues right then and there; more than 90 percent of inquiries are resolved immediately.

When Preparing to Call

TVL recommends that all clients have their Account Name or Submitter ID available prior to calling.

Test Menu

Virtually all tests performed by TVL can be searched on the TVL web site. The Test Directory contains specific test information that includes specimen requirements and reference ranges, CPT codes, specimen requirements, specific methodologies, specimen transport considerations, panel components, reflex testing processes, etc.

Test Results

Courier Services

TVL uses a combination of company vehicles, employees, and contract couriers to facilitate transportation needs throughout our service area. Where couriers are unavailable, overnight shipping is provided.

Pickup times will be coordinated to accommodate the client’s needs. STAT courier services are also available. TVL will strive to accommodate clients by scheduling pickup times as late in the day as possible, while still allowing time for specimens to arrive at the laboratory for overnight testing and early morning resulting to the client.

All courier staff is continually trained in specimen handling and appropriate transportation. Couriers utilize bar coding and computerization for superior specimen handling and tracking.

Ordering Supplies

All supplies needed for the collection and transportation of specimens sent to TVL may be provided by TVL at no charge. Typically, orders are filled and shipped within 24 hours (Fed-Ex and UPS deliveries could take 2-3 days depending on your location).

Ordering Tests

Requisition forms for ordering tests are available from TVL by contacting our Supply Department at 208-367-6374.


To assure that your request is processed accurately and in a timely manner, please print or type all information legibly. Incomplete requisitions will delay the processing of your request and subsequent reporting of your results.

Complete a separate Requisition Form for each patient and include it in the specimen package. Before shipping, verify that patient information and patient ID number on the form matches that on the specimen.

Consultation Services

In the event you require technical information, you will be referred to an appropriate laboratory staff member or director. Our pathologists and scientists are available for the interpretation of laboratory tests in the context of clinical presentation and for the selection of the most appropriate tests for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment. They are also available to provide personal assistance for office staff training on laboratory issues like test selection, order clarification, collection and processing procedures, quality assurance or regulatory compliance.

Service Representatives

In addition to our Client Service Representatives, we employ a full-time sales and support team who service our accounts with a personal touch. Our Service Representatives will provide information about services and test offerings. As well, they will coordinate arrangements for a referral service tailored to your needs and assist in ensuring that you receive optimum laboratory service.